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      Hints & Tips

      27 Jan 2018

      Find tweets from verified Twitter accounts

      How to find tweets from verified accounts only within Social Bearing, for any keyword(s) or hashtag(s).

      Find tweets from verified accounts »

      20 Apr 2017

      Find tweets in a specific language

      How to find and search for tweets from a specific language using the Social Bearing advanced search form.

      Searching for tweets by language »

      27 Mar 2016

      Advanced Twitter search using query operators

      Examples of various types of search commands and operators for more complex Twitter searches. Find tweets from different languages, dates, media types and more

      Advanced Twitter search examples »

      26 Mar 2016

      Find top retweets for any Twitter handle

      How to view the most retweeted tweet, favorite and other metrics from any Twitter handle (including your own) using the free Twitter search and analytics tool Social Bearing.

      How to find top retweets from any Twitter user »

      31 Dec 2015

      Searching geolocated tweets & Twitter maps

      How to search for geolocated tweets with interactive Twitter maps using Social Bearing. Tweet maps include hashtag and image overlays.

      Geolocated tweet maps »

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