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      29 Jan 2018

      Archiving tweets. Does Social Bearing store tweet data?

      Social Bearing does not save, archive or otherwise store any tweet or Twitter user data. This includes tweets for hashtags, keywords, geo located tweets, user accounts and tweets from users

      Is tweet data archived? »

      05 Jun 2016

      Identifying tweets by location & country

      Social Bearing have recently launched our Geochart feature which displays a snapshot of tweet activity broken down by estimated country of origin. Countries displayed on the chart are calculated based on the location specified in the user’s profile. The Geochart works like a heatmap, with countries highlighted at different strengths based on the number of […]

      Twitter Geochart by country »

      03 Jan 2016

      Geotagged tweets and privacy

      The ability to geotag tweets in Twitter is an option that is not enabled by default. Users have to specifically choose a location or?‘share precise location’ (after enabling location services) if using the Twitter app on smartphones described here. 3rd party Apps such as Instagram may also attach geolocational data to tweets. When a tweet […]

      Geolocated tweets and privacy »

      02 Jan 2016

      Hiding sensitive or offensive tweets

      The publishing of and exposure to offensive or sensitive tweets is a problem that?has plagued?Twitter since its inception. If you use?the official?Twitter Search or any other Twitter based search tool?including Social Bearing,?there’s a chance you will see a tweet with offensive text, image or?video. In 2011, Twitter added a ‘possibly sensitive’ flag?to each tweet. This […]

      Hiding sensitive tweets »

      07 Feb 2015

      Why do tweets get tagged as the wrong language

      Twitter automatically tags tweets based on the words within the tweet and doesn't always get it correct.

      Tweets incorrectly identified in the wrong language »

      11 Jan 2015

      Why can’t I see Emoji in Chrome?

      Why emoticons won't display in Chrome (such as Emoji in tweets) and wha you can do to enable them.

      Emoticons not displaying in Chrome »

      19 Dec 2014

      Why do I need to sign in to Twitter

      Social Bearing requires signing in to Twitter to enable user-level authentication; required by Twitter for access to any of their public streams.

      Authenticating via Twitter when signing in. »

      12 Dec 2014

      Why are tweets from a user or handle missing?

      In some cases, not all tweets will be displayed from certain Twitter users or handles. Twitter does not make available all tweets for search.

      Why are tweets from handles missing »

      12 Dec 2014

      How is tweet sentiment analysis calculated?

      The sentiment shown for each tweet is not always accurate and as with any natural language detection, there will always be false positives. Concepts such as sarcasm and irony are particularly hard to detect algorithmically.

      Calculating Twitter sentiment »

      12 Dec 2014

      Who is Social Bearing designed for?

      Social Bearing is a free search and statistics tool for anyone looking for interesting tweets, people to follow, tweet statistics or sentiment around any subject.

      Social Bearing target audience »

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